The Tours of Victoria Falls

An early morning drive after breakfast to see the Mighty Victoria Falls is a much more anticipated moment. The is an opportune to see this natural phenomenon, one of the Seven Natural Wonders in The World. This activity is better appreciated when viewed form both countries (Zimbabwe and Zambia) The Falls is a share attraction between the two country, each having its own share of the view. Some aspects of the Falls  have a better view position from Zimbabwe ( The Main Falls) while the rest and the entire length and many minor falls are in Zambia.

The Falls is equi-distant from every Lodge where clients stay thus giving them a preamble tour of the visible smoke of water mist as it ascends to unknown heights. The anxiety is quilled by the actual gleamance of the Falls, the roaring sound of the barrage of water as it meanders through rapids and gorges to their final destination (the Main Falls). The Mighty Falls is a phenomenal spectacle that makes the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia hence some features of the falls are in Zambia whereas others are in Zimbabwe. Therefore the experience is never complete until a view is done from both lands.

The trails in the Falls area are exceptional; its transformational and geographic historicity as told by Our guides will never seize to amaze you. Learn the names of the Second World War heroes engrained on the War Statue; appreciate the Beauty of the mountainous scenery.  There are many trails to trudge that constitutes the trip giving you varying angles and elevations to know the Falls. Certain trails especially to the Boiling Pot is a decline to the river that leaves you pleading for rest while the journey across the Knife Edge Bridge will leave you drenched, it’s a typical Rain forest.

Our knowledgeable Guides will expound and demystify the history compounded in this lustrous trip.

Interspaced period of refreshments and snacks are at the behest of the clients.


The Main Falls where millions and millions of gallons of water nose-dive into the belly of the earth creating a breath taking kaleidoscopic scenery embedded by a beautiful rainbow is what Zimbabwe has to offer, how the water whirls, colliding before cascading  downward is a relive-able moment.

This symbiotic trip is the best that Africa can offer because it defies men’s understanding and explains the wondrous doing of the Mighty Creator of the Mighty Falls