Village Tour

Zambia is enshrine with many historical and traditional sites that excite the world. Excites in the uniqueness and its adherence. Zimbia is national with over 120 Tribes with variegated traditional passed on from generations to generations. The Traditional homestead and its life style differ from tribe to tribe but they is unisomity in devergence.  

Client will be taken to explore the viscisitude of the village and appreciate:

  • The beaty of homestead and their decorum
  • Client will learn to cook and taste our local food and brew
  • clients will tour our local Royal Palace and laern about our traditional governance
  • Client will tour the village in an ox-drawn cart

Market Tours

Tour our market place and see are diatery platter. Come and see all our farm produces displyed for sell on a local market. Learn every victual by name and its nutritional value, healing herbs etc

Town Tour

Livingstone town has many building as ancient as year 1800. The remnants of the colonial era. Get a town tour and hear the colonial narrative